Nose and Paw Balm - 50ml
Our Lavender & Neroli Paw and Nose lotion is enriched with Vitamin E and Lime Oil to help heal and moisturise all those nose and toes out there. Our packaging allows clean application and perfect for travelling with.
Cedar Wood & Juniper - Dog & Puppy Shampoo - 250ml
Peanut loves his aftershave strong and musky. This fragrance is perfect for those smelly dogs who love mud! Strong long lasting fragrance.
Brightening Face Wash - 250ml
Parma Violet! This scent is like marmite, you either love it or hate it! 
Lavender & Neroli - Dog & Puppy Shampoo - 250ml
Lavender and Neroli is one of our more Luxurious fragrances – Peanut has chosen to mix in the calming essence of Lavender with Pickle adding a splash of the sweet twist of Neroli. Give your dog the ultimate spa experience...
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