Rapeseed Origin

Glycerin is a plant based humectant that we use in most of our products. It is very mild and offers long lasting moisture to the skin & hair. It also aids in the silkiness of the products along with strengthening the foam without added surfactants.

Country of Origin - UK, Germany, Belgium, France, The Netherlands

Why do we use glycerin?

  • Long Lasting Moisture

    Glycerin is a humectant. This means it draws moisture in from the atmosphere and absorbs it into your skin & hair. This is particularly useful for coarse hair where long lasting moisture is needed.

  • Plant Preservation

    Although most of our products contain preservatives, we try and reduce the amount of preservatives that are needed incase of any intolerances & allergies. By increasing our glycerin to sometimes 25% we can reduce the amount of "Free Water" in our formulas that allow us to reduce the amount of preservative that is in the product and even sometimes eliminate them all together!

  • Bubbles!

    With the correct amount of glycerin we can reduce the amount of foaming surfactants due to its amazing foam holding properties. The foam it helps create is a very rich & dense foam which when combined with certain surfactants & actives can be smoothening to the hair.