Soothing Skin Deshed Mud

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Zero Palm Oil   All Natural  Cruelty Free
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Our Unfragranced Deshed mud bath is perfect for those dogs with sensitive skin who love to shed it out! By exfoliating the skin with mud packed full of natural minerals, this mud bath is sure to leave your dog soothed, silky and shiny! 

The mud is suitable for puppies from 12 weeks and older. Not suitable for cats.

Orders containing Mud Bath will be dispatched Monday 26th July

Kaolin, Aqua, Sodium Chloride, Silica, Dolomite, Bentonite, Mica, Quartz, Chlorite-group minerals, Natriumchlorid.

How to use the mud bath

Simply use a handful of mud, emulsify into your hands and gently massage onto a dry coat.

Massage on for 5 - 15 mins. For more sensitive dogs let the mud Harden allowing all the minerals to work their magic.

Rinse and shampoo twice afterwards. Avoid Eyes, Nose and Mouth.

Not for use on Cats

How to prepare your mud bath 

When purchasing the wet mud in 10kg please note that the lid must be kept on airtight to keep the moisture in the mud. When you recieve your mud, empty mud from the bag into the box. Clamp lid on so the lid is fully closed. You may need to stir the mud if the water seperates, we dont add any binding agent in and as its such a raw natural ingredient you may notice seperation. 

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