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Mineral Mud

Mineral Mud

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By exfoliating the skin with mud packed full of natural minerals, this mud bath is sure to leave your dog soothed, silky and shiny! Self preserving and unfragranced, perfect for dogs with sensitive skin.


Kaolin, Aqua, Sodium Chloride, Silica, Dolomite, Bentonite, Mica, Quartz, Chlorite-group minerals, Natriumchlorid

How To Use

Use a handful of mud, emulsify into your hands and gently massage onto a dry coat.
 Massage on for 5 - 15 mins. For more sensitive dogs let the mud Harden allowing all the minerals to work their magic.
Rinse and shampoo twice afterwards. Avoid Eyes, Nose and Mouth.
Suitble for Dogs from 12 weeks old.

Make sure lid is secured on after each use to prevent from dying out.
If water separates, simply mix back in. 

    Mineral Mud - Peanut and Pickle
    Mineral Mud - Peanut and Pickle

    Why Peanut & Pickle?

    • Sustainable Future

      We pride ourselves on using plant based ingredients from renewable sources. Some manufacturing processes of plant based ingredients are not the friendliest on the environment - this is when we switch to using safe synthetics.

    • Transparent Ingredients

      In a secretive industry we strive to lead the way with making sure all our ingredients are clearly listed. We believe it is important to know what ingredients you are using especially on our more sensitive friends.

    • Recyle & Reuse

      Where ever possible we keep our plastic use to a minimum & recycle and reuse what we can. Even the barrels that our ingredients arrive in! They get repurposed into manufacturing barrels for our shampoo's, conditioners & perfumes!

    • Fully Compliant

      Did you know the pet industry follows CLP & Biocide regulation? All of Peanut & Pickle products abide by the regulations. Perfect for businesses, we can provide safety data sheets for your Cosh & Health and Safety Reports.